Today I had two major breakthroughs…

The first one caught me by complete surprise.  I was getting ready for my last day of work, and threw on my last pair of clean scrubs even though they don’t fit very well… Or at least they didn’t BEFORE.  This morning they slipped on and were even a little baggy!  I’ve officially lost weight!  This revelation prompted me to find the hidden batteries and get on the scale.  I’ve lost 6 lbs since I started my journey a couple of months ago!  My body is changing and I’m starting to notice results, I’ve gained muscle in my legs and a little in my arms, my face is noticeably thinner and I have collar bones again!

The second thing that caught me by surprise (and might even mean more than having baggier pants) were pictures tagged of me on Facebook from our impromptu pool party.  I was looking through them and I didn’t hate the pictures of me!  I didn’t want to un-tah myself.  There I was, tired and with no makeup on and dirty hair.  And I LIKE the way I look!  That is HUGE!

The pictures I saw of myself just a few days before didn’t have this effect on me… It’s not like a whole lot physically changed in the last couple days… But SOMETHING is different.  And I really like it.

Have you had a big “ah ha” moment when you felt like you really made progress? Could you pinpoint what was different?

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Last Day

It is finally my last day of work.  Last night my brain must have been in overdrive about all that has happened because I tossed and turned all night and my dreams were all haywire and left me confused and sad.

I don’t know if my subconsious is trying to tell me something or if it is just wrestling out the details so I can move forward.  Has that ever happened to you?

I really think I just need a good workout and then things will be back to normal.  I’ve taken a few days off to try and rest my shin splint and finally today it feels alot better!

How was your labor day weekend?  Mine was fabulous (although I worked and was not too thrilled about it!).  The Boy and I had an impromptu pool party on Sunday filled with good friends, cheap beer and BBQ.  I definitely induldged a little too much with alcohol (three beers and two drinks plus two shots over 6 hours) and didn’t eat enough food.  I had one rib and a lot of tortilla chips and dip.  I went to bed around 11 and woke up a little hungover at 3:30am I drank some water and woke up at 8 feeling perfectly fine.  Thank goodness!

Yesterday was spent working and then on the couch.  I had blueberry buckwheat pancakes with mashed banana and syrup with a side of Figs.  

It was my first time eating figs and I was a little apprehensive but I was pleasantly surprised!  They weren’t overwhelmingly sweet like I had imagined.  After breakfast I had ridiculous cravings for salt (pms much?) so I ended up eating alot of multi grain pita chips and greek olive hummus, which didn’t quite satisfy my intense salt craving so Kalamata olives and pickles it was.  With my cravings you would think that I am pregnant (I assure you I am not)!  Then around 4:30 I was finally hungry enough to cook myself some “dinner”…  I tried my hand at cooking my first Portobella mushroom and made a yummy sandwich.

Complete with sauteed zuchhini, tomato, lettuce and Veggie Shreds mozarella with a little caesar dressing and honey bbq sauce for flavor on a lightly toasted Oroweat bun.  The flavors were perfect and totally hit the spot.

Dessert were a poor attempt at homemade chocolate covered raisins that I had made the other day in a sweet craving rage.  Don’t get me wrong, they tasted great, they looked bad… It was more like chocolate covered raisin bark.  But it did the trick.

Today I’m hoping to either get in a yoga workout or a “hike” on my treadmill since the weather isn’t cooperating and hurricane season has officially hit Texas.  I just need to make it through my last day at work.

What are your plans for the week after the holiday weekend?


Running Shoes

My Mexican fajita leftovers were AMAZING for lunch yesterday.

The leftover guacamole salad was limp and soggy, so after the picture I ended up throwing it out.  Dinner was my leftover Spinachoke mix as a Pita Pizza with some salt sprinkled on top.  It was quite yummy.

I also ate my two cookies from Jenna’s Cocktails & Tacos grab bag.  They. Were. Heaven!  The perfect mix of savory and sweet and crunch and chewy.  I drank them with a small glass of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.  I was a little disappointed about the almond milk, I’ve never had the Vanilla and I picked it up by accident, it smells like vanilla but I can’t seem to taste any vanilla.  Weird.

It was off to work early again today (and tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday… ugh) so I packed a quick breakfast of Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal with almond milk.

And what I believe is a Pluot that I picked up from HEB yesterday.

Running Shoes…

So a couple weeks ago I bought my first pair of running shoes…  I bought a pair of Asics Gel Cumulus 12’s without really knowing much about what I wanted/needed in a running shoe.  I tried them out in the store, ran around a bit, did some comparisons and felt that they were the most comfortable.

Well, I got a little too excited about my new running shoes and increased my mileage a little too fast in NEW shoes AND didn’t stretch well afterwards and I believe I have gotten the start of shin splints.

So I was looking up some causes and ways to “treat” them and I looked into if my shoes were actually what I needed for my foot.

At first I deduced that I have high arches that underpronate (meaning they don’t move that much) so I needed cushion to help absorb some of the impact and a “neutral” shoe for gait.  But then I looked at one site that said look at your old shoes to see what your doing…

Here are my old “running” shoes… Ok, they are actually just sneakers from Walmart but I used them to run for the first couple months…

See that right shoe?  That’s the leg with the shin splints.  That shoe has obvious more wear and tear to the INSIDE of the heel.  If you underpronate you will not get wear like this the wear should be mostly on the outside of the shoe.  And then the left shoe is a little worn on the OUTSIDE.  Weird huh?

I took a picture of my new shoes to see if they showed any signs of this yet:

Notice how the right shoe seems to lean in more?  Weird huh?

This made me think of all of the times I have worn out my flip flops (that I wear constantly year round)… My right foot would have the inside heel wear and inside toe area…

So this leads me to believe (and I am NO expert) that I overpronate with my right foot and my left foot is pretty normal.  Which I find odd, but no person is created equal, so I guess feet can’t be the same either.

Luckily after a little research about my new shoes I found that my shoes ARE good for what I need, but with my high instep I need a little more arch support than what is built in, so I’ve purchased two kinds of arch supports to try out in a couple days (lets let my shins splints heal a little).  We’ll see how this goes!

Until then lots of stretching is in order.  I’m pretty sore after my ride the other day my back, hamstrings, inner thigh and bum are quite mad at me!  Doh!

*EDIT:  I just wanted to share that for the first time my blog had over 100 views yesterday!  (188 to be exact… but who’s counting?)  I have Angela at OhSheGlows to thank for that!

Did you research running shoes before you bought them?  What shoes do YOU run in?


Oh Dreary Day…

Today is one of those dreary dark and gloomy days… Yesterday however was a pretty awesome day.  So lets dwell on that shall we?

I had loose plans to work for my Traveling Groom client (did I mention that my business has a name?!).  So I couldn’t sleep anymore woke up after a night of tossing and turning at an early 6:30 AM.  Blue and I hung out and waited for the call about when I needed to go to the farm… Which happened at about 8:00… So I quickly threw on some work clothes and grabbed a quick bite to eat… Which ended up being leftovers from my lunch the day before (which I forgot to mention with all the excitement of Cocktails & Tacos!)

Leftovers were half of a Mean Green Veggie Burger from Zingers Bar & Grill in Bee Cave.

A wheat bun with a little ketchup, lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions and a veggie patty.  Wednesday it was kind of boring, however as a leftover the flavors seemed perfect… Or maybe it was because it was morning?  Either way it hit the spot.

I went to work at the farm and had an AMAZING time… I mean really, I get paid to do things I would gladly do for free because I like it.  Dream job?  I think so.  I got to ride and work a couple of the horses, hose them down and groom them.  The ride was awesome, and I am SO glad I’ve been running, I wasn’t at all winded and my legs held up well!  I also got to work with some yearlings working on basic handling and getting them used to standing while being groomed.

The weather was hot but it didn’t matter.  I was happy.  4 hours flew by and I barely noticed.  Before we knew it the afternoon sun was beating down on us and it was time to call a quits.  I trudged home soaked from sweat and water and covered in mud… I was happy. 🙂

I drank what seemed like a gallon of water and decided it was most definitely time for lunch.  And I knew exactly what I wanted…  Spinachoke Quesa-PitasSarah had told me that if I loved Spinach & Artichoke dip then I definitely needed to try her recipe, so I did and BOY was it good!  I modified it slightly (I used even lower fat/fat free cheeses) so here is what I did…

1 Package of frozen Spinach (I used whole leaf and used the whole package) and 1 Package of Artichoke Quarters (I only used 2 cups worth)

Then I collected my ingredients:  Fat Free Ricotta Cheese, Diced Sweet Onions, Low Fat (1%) Cottage Cheese, Fat Free Cream Cheese, and Reduced Fat Feta, (not pictured was 2 cloves of minced Garlic.

**Try not to mind my oh so 60’s yellow/orange counters, our kitchen is a work in progress.

I sauteed 1 cup of onions

With 1 teaspoon of minced chopped garlic (pre-packaged 1/2 tsp=1 clove)

Then I defrosted 2 Cups of Artichoke Quarters in the microwave

And added the package of frozen spinach to my onions and garlic…

Then I chopped the now mostly defrosted Artichoke Quarters then added them to the mix.

I then combined 1/4 cup of Ricotta, 1/4 cup of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of Cottage cheese in the food processor until smooth.

Then add 1/4 cup of Feta and pulse until blended.

Here is where I really got to improvising… You see, I THOUGHT I had pitas, apparently I had grabbed Greek Pita Flats the other day…  Which are NOT pitas, they are flat bread, I have no idea why it says Pita on the package.  But I digress.

So I decided to try and cut it in half as good as I could, which didn’t work…  I mixed 1/4 cup of the cheese mixture with 1 cup of the Spinachoke mix. I kept the rest of the spinach mix and cheese separate to use later.

Mmmm!!  I then put the mixture on top of my hacked up Flat, then decided to throw a full Flat on top for good measure.

Then bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until it is crispy and gooey!

It was so good, although I forgot the “add salt and pepper to taste” part of Sarah’s recipe.  Which would have made it even better.  I am very excited to have the leftovers for dinner tonight!

See The Smart Kitchen for the original recipe!

After I ate I blogged Yesterday’s post and then went with The Boy for a trip to WalMart and picked up a few goodies…


Which I am totally going to do, I’ll announce when I start and I will take before and after pictures! 🙂

I also got Post-it’s for Operation Beautiful notes!

The Boy got some supplies for the bar and attempted to get a copy of a key made… However the people at Walmart couldn’t do it after 4 tries and a few trips to check if the key would work… We decided to try a different place.  They got it on the first try.  DOH!

Before I knew it it was 7:00 and I was starting to get hungry.

Luckily a new Mexican joint opened up (because really this town needs more Mexican restaurants…) so we decided to try it.  I am not a huge fan of Mexican cuisine to be honest, but apparently in Texas that isn’t an option.  Especially in this small town where we have German food galore and about 8?!? Mexican restaurants.  Did I mention the population here is only about 10,000.

ANYWAY, we tried out La Hacienda which just popped up right next to one of the other (more commercial) Mexican restaurants. I wasn’t expecting much to be completely honest.  Since I don’t love Mexican I didn’t expect this place to blow my mind…

But one look at the menu and I was in love!

A Vegetarian Menu?!  Vegetarians having more than 1 option in a restaurant in this town is VERY rare.  Not that I’m a vegetarian but any time there is a vegetarian option I get it.

However there was something even more exciting on another page… VEGETARIAN FAJITAS!

Dismiss their spelling error, and read what is actually served with their fajitas…

Rice, beans, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo with flour or corn tortillas.  The fajitas themselves are cooked tomatoes, onions,  bell peppers and mushrooms!

I should note that the last “fajitas” I got at another place were merely a ton of chicken a few slices of green bell peppers and a little onion… So the fact that there were way more veggies in the mix made me instantly happy.

Chips and salsa were devoured.  Then my food came, and like the bad blogger I am, only cell phone pictures are here to show the yummy-ness…

That is with one tortilla full taken out… there was easily enough for 4 fajitas!

One tortilla with a bed of rice, and lettuce (with a tiny bit of guacamole and pico)

I ate two of those and admitted defeat. I forgot to picture my plate of rice, beans and guacamole salad… but it looked typical.

I wrapped up the rest and made myself a nice to-go box for lunch today!

We then went and rented Valentines Day to watch and called it a night.

Valentines Day was cute, but a little predictable.  But aren’t most romantic comedies? 🙂  It was a good fun movie.

Now as for today… I woke up STARVING which never happens so I decided to appease my appetite with a piece of wheat bread and organic peanut butter.

I knew eating my overnight oats at 7 wouldn’t hold me over until lunch time… So  the snack was perfect.

I went into work at 8, cleaned and got ready for the day and then at 9:30 it was breakfast time. 🙂

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Overnight Oats oh how I love thee.  🙂

Yesterday I was on cloud nine and the sun was shining.  Everything felt right.  I was doing everything I was supposed to at the right time.  It was magical.

Today is dreary and cloudy and rainy and I’m working the last few days at my old job.  Lets hope it turns out ok.