Ridiculous Soreness!

I realized this morning that Level 1 of the 3o day shred is evil.  And I liked it.  I woke up sore in places I didn’t even know had muscles!

I started my morning the way I start every morning on a work day… Fed Blue and took him out, then I proceeded to check emails and catch up on my favorite blogs.  After half an hour I peel myself away from the computer and get ready for work in 15 minutes flat.   I pulled my already prepared Vegan Overnight Oats (with an added tablespoon of chocolate pb2) out of the fridge and covered it in saran wrap to eat later.  I usually don’t get hungry for breakfast until after 9, and I don’t like to eat when I’m not hungry.  So I saved it, and brought a lil bit o honey with me to drizzle on top.

I ate it at 9:30.  It really hit the spot.

Then work got crazy and before I knew it it was 1 o’clock and I was STARVING.  So I went home for a lunch that I was particularly excited about…

My leftover vegetarian sandwich from Yesterday with a bed of spinach drizzled with leftover tomato vinaigrette!  I didn’t even bother heating the sandwich up and it was still amazing.

The  vinaigrette had real sundried tomatoes in it!

Delish!  But sadly my lunch break ended all too soon and it was back to work where I struggled to work past my ever increasing soreness.  A short 4 hours later it was time to go home and I couldn’t wait.  My lunch apparently didn’t hold me over for very long because I was hungry again. 😦

LUCKILY I had more leftovers to eat!  Tuesday night I had gotten vegetarian enchiladas with a spicy sour cream sauce.  And I only ate about half of them.  I wasn’t a huge fan of them in enchilada form… So……

Meet the Enchilada Bowl!  Ok, so it doesn’t look very yummy.  But I promise it was.  I took the filling and the sauce from my enchiladas (spinach and mushrooms)and ditched the soggy corn tortillas and put them in a pot, I added about 1/4 cup of frozen corn, 1/3 cup fresh spinach, and about 1/3 a can of Kidney Beans that I had leftover in the pantry and heated it on high until the sauce melted again and came to a boil, I also added a sprinkle of lactose/gluten free “cheese” so it would thicken a little.  I then covered the pot and simmered for about 3 minutes to make sure everything was heated through.  Can you say quick and easy meal!?

It actually tasted really good, I think I enjoyed it more than the enchiladas themselves.

While I don’t believe that the sauce was all that healthy, there wasn’t that much and I doctored it up with plenty of good stuff so I don’t feel bad.  It satisfied me and made my tummy happy.

I really wanted to workout tonight, but The Boy didn’t get home until late and I wanted to hang out with him for a little bit before he was off to work again (being a bar owners “wife” is a little strenuous at times).  And by the time he left (8:30)… I was knee deep in updating my “About Me” section and I lost track of time.  Tomorrow I am planning on a running date with my new shoes and my dog, but after a long 10 hour work day I’m not sure if it will happen.  Saturday and Sunday are definite running days though.

Do you work out in the morning or at night?  Do you find it hard to wake up early for workouts? Or hard to muster up the energy after a long day at work?


About Jillian @ Reshape Your Life

I'm 24, and reshaping my life, one day at a time. Becoming an adult and learning how to take care of ME. I live in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with my boyfriend, our deaf dog Blue, and our two cats Stoli and Tuaca. I've recently taken up running and adopting healthier eating habits. Follow me on my journey.
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3 Responses to Ridiculous Soreness!

  1. Isn’t the Shred ridiculous?! I didn’t think it was that hard until I woke up the next day!

  2. Jodi says:

    I totally work out at night after work sometimes at like 9pm! it’s tough but i’m NOT A MORNING PERSON – at all!!

    no matter how i try, i can’t get up at 5am to run. I just can’t. so, i have just accepted that i am a night owl and need to run at night.

    sometimes, you just have to work within your own personal limitations to make things happen.

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