Self Employment

Since I last posted I took a day off from work to get things cleaned up around the house before the weekend.  And Friday was a day full of SELF EMPLOYMENT!

Wednesday night I attempted to make Mexican Tortilla Pie…  First I used a pan that was NOT going to fit 7 layers in it… then I attempted to transfer it to another pan, then once I was done I realized I had wanted to layer in enchilada sauce instead of just on the top… DOH!  While it was baking I took Blue for a 2 mile walk, my shins have been hurting so I’m trying to take things slow.  I think I upped my mileage too fast, combine that with new shoes and poor running form.  It could have been a disaster.

The Mexican Tortilla Pie was good, I topped it with a bit more salsa to liven up the taste.  But I think all of the beans were too rich for my stomach as I had quite a tummy ache after.  I chalked it up to being hungry and taking too long to eat… but the same thing happened when I had it for lunch the next day.  Boo!!  Dinner was a chik’n wrap, made with Morningstar Farms meal starters Chik’n Strips, tomato and lettuce. 

Topped with a dab of sweet and sour sauce on a tomato basil wrap… It was delish!  Then we headed to the Gillespie County Fair!!  One Bud Light was consumed followed by a water, lots of walking and a few games.  The night was ended with a mediocre funnel cake.  Because funnel cake once a year won’t kill me.  HOWEVER, I’m a Connecticut native, where we don’t have funnel cake we have FRIED DOUGH… which I’m sorry but they are not the same thing, and Fried Dough will always have my heart.

Funnel Cake



Fried Dough


I ate about half of the funnel cake before deeming it mediocre and not worth the calorie splurge.  Seriously… Funnel cake is like a fried drizzled pancake batter, actually that IS what it is.  Where as Fried Dough is actually a dough- a risen yeast dough that is fried, and it is SO much better.  Before I knew it it was 10 o’clock and this old lady needed to get to bed!  I had a big day ahead of me!

I had a full day of SELF EMPLOYED work to be done on Friday which consisted of meeting a client at his farm for 8AM!  Seeing as I usually don’t get hungry until 9, breakfast had to be easy and on-the-go.  Voila a peanut butter and banana sandwich it is.  I got hungry on the way over there so I ate it then.  Oh well.  I worked at the farm grooming horses, learning the ins and outs of Polo equipment and how my client likes things done and a little bit of riding was thrown in.  Before we knew it it was 12:30!  Time flies when your having fun!  It was super hot in the Texas sun and I had another client for the afternoon so I headed back home for a quick lunch and a lot of water and some much needed A/C!

Lunch was another wrap, this time with Chik’n Nuggets (I was out of the strips).  However in my rush I forgot to wash the lettuce (I normally buy prewashed lettuce) and consumed a large bite full of dirt.  😦  ICK!  But I figured dirt wouldn’t kill me so I pulled out the dirty pieces and ate the rest.

mmm dirt.

I then went to my second client’s place to groom her horse.  Her horse was beautiful but had quite the rat’s nest in her mane, so it took alot longer than I anticipated.  After being out in the heat for so long she brought me a Vitamin Water and I headed to The Bar to see The Boy.  I consumed two large glasses of ice water and one vodka tonic (with cran and an orange).  Then dinner got a bit creative!  I decided (since there is no vegetarian entree on the menu) that I would have them make me one.  We went to the store and picked up a portobella mushroom and The Boy got some things for his dinner and we stopped at the house and got some fixins.

I ended up eating a grille portobella mushroom burger with grilled zucchini, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato with a thin smear of Ranch on the bottom bun and honey barbecue sauce on the top bun.  It was amazing!  I’m  really starting to enjoy mixing flavors a bit.

Then we went home and it was time to relax!  After spending a day in the sun and on my feet I was BEAT!  I pretty much stayed on the couch until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

I had big plans for Saturday morning.  I got out of bed feeling really good so I decided I would go for a run!  Except this time I wasn’t going for distance, I was going for FORM!  I’ve apparently been doing the “runner shuffle” which isn’t doing me any favors, so after watching some videos on youtube I decided to try it for myself.  And WOW did it make a difference!  My legs felt amazing!  But my heart and lungs were angry!  I could only do .7 miles before I was so out of breath.  It felt so good though and my legs felt FREE!  This is the running that people talk about!  It took a good half mile for me to feel OK to run again.  And then I could only run another few stop signs before my lungs were screaming again, I decided not to push it and to just walk the rest of the 2 miles.  I got back home and grabbed the dog for another 2 mile walk.  I really think he enjoys when we go for fun walks more than running with a mission “walk”.  He gets to actually stop and smell the roses… or fire hydrants in his case, although he does like to smell flowers.  🙂

I came back home and ate a bowl of fresh watermelon!

I relaxed and watched a bit of TV, caught up on my favorite blogs and basically just enjoyed my morning!  Before I knew it it was 12:30 and I was STARVING!  I opted to try another wrap (sans dirt!) this time.  But sadly The Boy had left the lettuce at the bar… So I had to settle for a Chik’n and Tomato wrap…I was severely disappointed.  UNTIL….

The Boy woke up from his  hybernation slumber!  He offered to go pick up the lettuce for me!!  The things we do for love!  While I waited I had a little snack…

Organic Soy & Flaxseed tortilla chips with some salsa!

By the time he came back with the lettuce the Chik’n was ready and my wrap was quickly thrown together (with lettuce that I washed THREE times!) and I got to enjoy it…  So much that I couldn’t wait to take pictures.  Sorry.

Then it was off to work for a few hours cleaning bridles and saddles.  But they were very dirty (or I’m very meticulous) so it took forever and I didn’t get all of them done before my fingers were cramped up.  So 2 1/2 hours later I went to visit The Boy at work, where I ended up helping him with video camera placements and passed the time with THREE vodka tonics (oops!).  Since I don’t drink much anymore and I’ve always been a lightweight anyway.  I was more than good with three.  Dinner was a grilled chicken sandwich from the bar with a side of fried mushrooms… because I clearly couldn’t resist after three drinks.  But I really don’t regret it I haven’t had them in weeks.

Then we went home around 7:30 and I fought the urge to go back to the bar later.  Which would have been what I did a few months ago.  But I knew once I sat down that going out was not even an option.  I was tired and needed to spend some time with Blue and the kitties.  I was so proud of myself!  I hung out with the boy and we gave his friend a hair cut, then it was 9:00 and the boy had to go to work!   Then the next thing I know it’s 10:30!!  Way past my bedtime!  I barely managed to drag myself to bed where I immediately conked out.

I have a little bit of work to do on Sunday just finishing up cleaning that tack.  And I will be taking the dog for a walk but otherwise it will be a lazy Sunday and I like it. 🙂


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I'm 24, and reshaping my life, one day at a time. Becoming an adult and learning how to take care of ME. I live in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with my boyfriend, our deaf dog Blue, and our two cats Stoli and Tuaca. I've recently taken up running and adopting healthier eating habits. Follow me on my journey.
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