Today I had two major breakthroughs…

The first one caught me by complete surprise.  I was getting ready for my last day of work, and threw on my last pair of clean scrubs even though they don’t fit very well… Or at least they didn’t BEFORE.  This morning they slipped on and were even a little baggy!  I’ve officially lost weight!  This revelation prompted me to find the hidden batteries and get on the scale.  I’ve lost 6 lbs since I started my journey a couple of months ago!  My body is changing and I’m starting to notice results, I’ve gained muscle in my legs and a little in my arms, my face is noticeably thinner and I have collar bones again!

The second thing that caught me by surprise (and might even mean more than having baggier pants) were pictures tagged of me on Facebook from our impromptu pool party.  I was looking through them and I didn’t hate the pictures of me!  I didn’t want to un-tah myself.  There I was, tired and with no makeup on and dirty hair.  And I LIKE the way I look!  That is HUGE!

The pictures I saw of myself just a few days before didn’t have this effect on me… It’s not like a whole lot physically changed in the last couple days… But SOMETHING is different.  And I really like it.

Have you had a big “ah ha” moment when you felt like you really made progress? Could you pinpoint what was different?


About Jillian @ Reshape Your Life

I'm 24, and reshaping my life, one day at a time. Becoming an adult and learning how to take care of ME. I live in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with my boyfriend, our deaf dog Blue, and our two cats Stoli and Tuaca. I've recently taken up running and adopting healthier eating habits. Follow me on my journey.
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