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I'm 24, and reshaping my life, one day at a time. Becoming an adult and learning how to take care of ME. I live in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with my boyfriend, our deaf dog Blue, and our two cats Stoli and Tuaca. I've recently taken up running and adopting healthier eating habits. Follow me on my journey.


Today I had two major breakthroughs… The first one caught me by complete surprise.  I was getting ready for my last day of work, and threw on my last pair of clean scrubs even though they don’t fit very well… … Continue reading

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Last Day

It is finally my last day of work.  Last night my brain must have been in overdrive about all that has happened because I tossed and turned all night and my dreams were all haywire and left me confused and sad. … Continue reading


Running Shoes

My Mexican fajita leftovers were AMAZING for lunch yesterday. The leftover guacamole salad was limp and soggy, so after the picture I ended up throwing it out.  Dinner was my leftover Spinachoke mix as a Pita Pizza with some salt … Continue reading


Oh Dreary Day…

Today is one of those dreary dark and gloomy days… Yesterday however was a pretty awesome day.  So lets dwell on that shall we? I had loose plans to work for my Traveling Groom client (did I mention that my … Continue reading