Cocktails & Tacos!!

Well can I just tell you that I had an AMAZING time last night?!  No really.  The boat ride turned out to be a bust (couldn’t get a boat) which worked anyway since the boy and I decided to run some errands while we were in Austin and we ended up being strapped for time.  I was getting very nervous (social situations make me really anxious) so the boy and I stopped at California Pizza Kitchen and had a shot (vodka tonic with cranberry).  Then I quickly changed in the car and was off!

**Note:  I was too lame to take pictures, so I’m borrowing them from others! See the credit after the photo to be directed to the original blogger’s page!

However I got to Lustre Pearl right on time and right as Jenna was pulling up!

Borrowed from Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

Lustre Pearl is just the cutest little backyard bar I’ve ever seen.  It is literally an old house with a backyard.  The bartender was awesome and kept the boy entertained while I did my thing.

Borrowed from Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

Borrowed from Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

The crowd came shortly after we got there but I did get a few minutes to chat with Jenna (and Adam) one on one.  The boy and Adam (Almanzo) talked about Texas and people they know (they grew up not too far from each other).  It is crazy how BIG Texas is but there are always strange connections.

Jenna is so incredibly sweet (just as her blog reflects) we chatted and greeted the other women as they came in  before I knew it there were probably 20 people there!

Borrowed from Jenna @ Eat Live Run

I had two small vodka tonics (with a splash of cranberry) then decided that water was needed on such a hot evening.

Borrowed from Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

I met Sarah and Cara (pictured with Jenna), who are the sweetest girls!

They really made me feel comfortable (thanks ladies!!)  Puppies were allowed at Lustre Pearl!!

Borrowed from Jenna @ Eat Live Run

Grab bags were distributed.

And a group picture was taken.

Borrowed from Jenna @ Eat Live Run

I had to be a fan for a minute and get my picture taken with Jenna

(It was hot, we were sweaty.  Don’t judge. ;))

More talking ensued, friendships were started, then it was almost 8 O’clock!  And the boy and I still had an hour drive so we had to get on the road.  I gave everyone a quick goodbye and thanked Jenna for such an awesome time.

Borrowed from Jenna @ Eat Live Run

I am so glad that I actually went and stepped out of my comfort zone.  Everyone was so supportive of me getting healthier and starting to run, and they made me feel SO comfortable in my own skin.  I cannot thank you ladies enough.

I also need to thank The Boy for being so supportive as well and for sitting back and letting me spread my wings on my own, but being there if I needed him!  He is really an amazing guy and I am so lucky.  🙂

I can’t wait to hang out with all of you Austin ladies again!!

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Wonderful Morning!!

Today I woke up and felt fabulous even though I didn’t sleep very well… You see Tuaca (0ur orange cat) loves to cuddle and he sleeps with me everynight… However, every time I move he thinks that I’m up and I should pet him, even if I’m sound asleep.  And if I don’t pet him he makes me pet him by rubbing on my face and meowing in my ear (he’s a charmer).  But I love him and appreciate that he loves to cuddle.

Case in point:

However once I dragged myself out of bed I realized it wasn’t a miserable 80 degrees yet and it was a perfect day for a run.  The weather was still cool with a cold light breeze, it was wonderful, and totally out of character for this time of year in Texas!  So I took advantage of it and ran most of a mile with walk breaks (running with correct form is more aerobic than the runner shuffle)  over a 2 mile loop and finished with a second 2 mile walk with Blue.  The run felt AMAZING but hard.  I really think I’ve caught the running bug… I just need to push myself harder, I let my head get to into it and psych myself out.

Last week Blue made a friend on one of his walks…  She is a little (4-5 month) black kitten with a lovely red rhinestone collar with a bell and she is apparently VERY friendly.  We had seen her for about a month but she would just stare at us from her yard… Well the other day I said “Hi Kitty” and she came RUNNING over to us.  Blue lives with cats but he doesn’t really know how to play as our cats are afraid of him so I wasn’t sure how he would react… WELL she walks right over and rubs on his face!  He didn’t even know how to react he just stood there looked at her then looked at me like “uh mom? is she ok?” I gave him the “good boy” signal and he got all excited and tried to play with her and she just rolled over and was playfully batting at his face!  It was the strangest thing!

Well over the last few nights when she hears us come by she come RUNNING to her driveway (she doesn’t go in the road) and waits for Blue, it is seriously the cutest thing.  Then we just say goodbye and walk away and she goes back to what she was doing.

After our walk I was very hungry but I was having trouble coming up with something that sounded GOOD.  Until I remembered I had frozen strawberries in the freezer and then it was a done deal.  Strawberry banana smoothie.  YUM!

about 1 cup frozen strawberries

1 medium ripe banana

1 tbs Chocolate PB2

about 1 cup of almond milk

and a little ice. 🙂

Now it’s time to get ready for my exciting afternoon!!


The Run That Wasn’t.

Well my day did not fly by (just as anticipated).  Luckily lunch gave me a great distraction.

Meet Easy Vegetarian Chili.

This is a total cheat to be honest.  I used Amy’s Organic Lentil Vegetable soup that I doctored up with some corn and then put chili powder, cumin, oregano and a bit tomato soup and sea salt and brought it to a boil.  Season to taste. (makes 2 servings)

It was AMAZING for random things thrown into a pot.  And I ate one serving with some Organic Soy & Flaxseed tortilla chips.  And it was SO filling I was barely hungry by 7 o’clock (5 1/2 hours later)!

But I managed to squeeze in a portabella and zucchini sandwich with sweet potato fries.  It was equally amazing.

What was NOT amazing in the slightest was my experience running AFTER I ate. Apparently running on a full stomach will leave you miserable.  I could barely run and felt like my stomach was about to explode after just a few minutes.  So a two mile walk ensued, which then turned into a resistance run since Blue was apparently not feeling well either and wanted to eat grass the whole time.  Do you know how hard it can be to drag a 50 lb dog when your just trying to get done?  Ugh.  Hopefully my run tomorrow morning will be much more successful.

And then my amazing afternoon!!  I’m so excited!!  YAY!

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Work Hard, Play Harder…

Work yesterday dragged on and today will be no better I’m sure…  Only 7 more days and then I’m on my own.  Ok, well not completely on my own… But you get the idea.

Today started with a bowl of watermelon.


Eaten just like that.  And it totally hit the spot and now I don’t have a dish to wash!

Given the amount of stress I have already gone through today (and it’s not even 9:30 yet!) I believe a run is in order later.  It’s all I could think about from the moment I woke up this morning.  I may have caught the running bug after my awesome (but short) run the other day.

In some other awesome news:  I’m going to Cocktails & Tacos tomorrow to meet Jenna and about 20-30 other readers in Austin!

We’re meeting at Lustre Pearl, which seems like a totally awesome backyard type bar (and completely Austin!).

(found on their website)

And since The Boy’s sister and brother-in-law live in Austin we are going to make a day of it… Which will include a fun filled afternoon on a boat (around Lake Travis I assume).  Then I will head (s0lo) to the meet-up, which is totally not something I would normally do.  But since I”ve been stepping out of my comfort zone I decided to go for it!  And I’m totally excited.  Austin here I come!

I’m thinking I may need to find a whole foods while I’m there as well.  We shall see!

Are you the type of person who finds it hard to step out of their comfort zone?  Or are you a regular risk taker?

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